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Vehicle Heath Check at Immingham Motors

What’s included in a Vehicle Health Check?

A Vehicle Health Check (VHC) covers many key points on your vehicle to be certain that they are safe, and identifies those that are not.

Once a VHC has been conducted, you will receive a report of your results, which will score all points checked on your vehicle as Red, Amber or Green, depending on whether they require work or not.

You will then have the option to authorise that work to be carried out.

Vehicle Health Scoring Explained

Red - Work is required immediately. Your vehicle may be at risk of damage, unsafe to drive, or even illegal to drive, depending on the item that requires work.

Amber - Work will be required soon. The item checked does not need work immediately, but it will need work before you are next scheduled to visit our dealership for your service.

Green - Work is not required on this item until at least your next scheduled visit to the dealership.


Key points checked throughout your VHC include:

  • Tyre tread thickness
  • Mobility kit
  • Wheel alignment and uneven tyre wear
  • Brake disc and pad thickness
  • Wiper blade wear
  • Servicing requirements
  • Oil level